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Location: Hopewell Junction, New York, USA

Description: Real Hip Hop for Real Niggaz. No Laffy Taffy, Finger Snappin, Shoulder Lean Bullshit

Biography: Big Lou BIOBig Lou (aka) The Spanish Frank White was born in Camden N.J. (The Worst City in America) he was raised by a single mother (Maria Rodriquez) and grew up with 4 brothers and 3 sisters. At the age of 14 Big Lou started growing fond of music.

He began writing songs on the struggles of his hood. Before his music career would emerge he became a product of the streets. Big Lou started selling drugs. Although Big Lou was living the fast life, he never lost his love for music. Big Lou was determined to make a better way and started investing his dirty money into buying studio equipment. Little by little Big Lou spent more time in the studio than the streets.

After successfully finishing his first Independent album Big Lou gave up the street life and focused on selling his music. Amazingly Big Lou sold 3,500 units in a city that’s only 8 square miles, creating a buzz that traveled to Philly and parts of Jersey City fast. As his success kept growing he eventually would start his own Independent label called LOST CITY RECORDS. He began booking his own shows and opened up for acts such as Freeway, Ms Jade, Fat Joe, MobbDeep, KRS One, Mista Cheeks, and The Lox. He also blew crowds away at over 10 Spanish Day Parades and had Latin’s comparing him to the great late Big Pun. Taking it a step further he invested his CD money into doing a charity event for the local schools in his neighborhood which he called LOST CITY 4 the KIDS.

Big Lou is a warrior that deserves to be heard by the world, a Latin MC that one day could be compared to the elite rappers of Hip Hop.