Young Mars :: Bailar

Young Mars :: Bailar

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Free mp3

Yung Mars
Biography: Eclectic styles, melodic tones, and poetic lyrics. Yung Mars was born and raised in San Francisco. A freestyle fanatic he started rapping at age 15 and never stopped. Blending live instrumentation with hard-hitting socially conscious rhymes, his unique style represents the diverse nature of the bay.

Album Info: Yung Mars
A freshman project, the Yung Mars album took almost a year to create. Yung Mars and Mark Pistel, the head engineer at Room 5 Studio, produced it. (There he has recorded such artists as Michael Franti & Spearhead, Chuck Prophet, Meat Beat Manifesto, MC RAI&)

This disk is musically hard to classify. There are Latin rhythms and melodies, classic rock and funk guitar lines, both live & programmed drum tracks, three basses, two saxophones, one fender rhodes, a female vocalist, and a vibraphone. It has hints of dub reggae, is infused with world beats, and is marinated in mars’ unique melodic flows. With catchy hooks, raps that have meaning and message, and knocking beats, this is a mixed genre alternative hip-hop disk that is highly marketable. a record for the masses.

Featuring local heroes Azeem and DJ Teeko
Mastered by ken lee.

Jitu Tha Jugganot :: Delivery

Jitu Tha Jugganot :: Delivery

Free music download from Jitu Tha Jugganot

Jitu “tha Jugganot” – Microphone Controller, Mild Sauce Rapper Decomposer What does it mean to be a “legend?” Flashback to Chicago, 1991; a group called Ten Tray gave Chicago what it needed. An emcee emerged representing Chicago both local and national level. This emcee came with a message that inspired a generation of cats to step their game up. Flash forward to 2005, with hip-hop in mortal danger, the legend has returned.

“Jitu” is an African name given to him in 1995 meaning, “A giant among men” Not only is Jitu known for his talent in the school of hip hop, he is a youth program coordinator and community organizer on the south side of Chicago. He swarmed the game in 2002, entering battles and open mics. Leaving crowds in a state of disbelief, Jitu has humbled emcees all over the country, blending a once in a lifetime voice with an expansive vocabulary and ferocious delivery. On the underground, many call him the best they have ever heard!

” 1986 – Winner of “Battle of Chicago Rappers” at El Rukin Fort
” 1991 – With group Ten Tray, signed to Smash Polygram records to become the first rap act in Chicago on a major label.
” 1992 – Appeared on Rap City, The Box and Yo! MTV Rap.
” 1992 – Song, “Ain’t Nothin’ Like a Sister” was number one song in Las Vegas region and other west coast markets for 4-9 weeks
” 2003 – Winner-“Battle of the Iron Mic,” 4 Time Champion-Emcee Battle @ Wild Hare, Winner-1st Annual Kool Mix Emcee Battle, 3 Time Champion- Microphone War @ Subterranean>br> ” 2004 – Joined and helped develop veteran hip-hop alliance, “FIGHT CLUB”
” 2006 – Album Release “NECESSARY INGREDIENTS”
” 1992 – Realm of Darkness (Smash-Polygram)
” 1994 – Put Down the Gunz w/JG
” 2006 – Necessary Ingredients

Jugganot Edutainment

Aplomb :: We Are


Aplomb is from the French word meaning “perpendicularity, equilibrium, steadiness, assurance,” from the Old French phrase a plomb, from a, “according to” (from Latin ad) + plomb, “lead weight” (from Latin plumbum, “lead”).

Aplomb, a New York Underground based group. Known for their dreamy poetic story telling and danceable beats and rhythms.

Aplomb’s After Hours project is a collection of dreams had, written by bedside lyrically and re-awaken in the studio set to dance music.

Lindsay Shilo :: For My Smoke

Lindsay Shilo :: For My Smoke

Free music download from Lindsay Shilo
Named after a character in an old western movie, Shiloh remembers sitting beside her dad in the pick-up, a road-pop between his knees and a cigarette dangling from his mouth, as he drove the family from their Alberta ranch to their new homestead in British Columbia. Shiloh jumped out of the truck and onto a horse – riding through the glorious backcountry for what seemed like about five minutes, gulping in all fresh mountain air she could hold. Due to bar room antics and whiskey driven madness, the new ranch was soon history and Shiloh and her mother moved to a trailer park in town. At 14 she took a job as a waitress in a truck stop diner to pay to keep her horse at a local ranch. It didn’t work for long, so she soon developed another vice – songwriting. She stole her brother’s guitar and hit the road, moving from town to town looking for the next great drama. Vancouver stopped her in her tracks, stuck in a dead-end job with dreams as wide as a Western sky. Before long, producer John Ellis (Be Good Tanyas, Jeremy Fisher) spotted her at an open mike session and offered to produce her debut CD “For my Smoke,” a collection of songs combining images of the beauty, darkness and determination that have brought her this far. Shiloh’s gone as far west as she can without hitting deep water, but she’s not done yet. Not by a country mile.

Jude Johnstone :: Wounded Heart

Jude Johnstone :: Wounded Heart

Free music download from Jude Johnstone“Intimate, honest, haunting, majestic.” These are the words used to describe Jude Johnstone’s critically acclaimed debut CD, “Coming of Age.” Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, Jennifer Warnes, Johnny Cash and Trisha Yearwood covered songs from this CD.

Ashland, OR, USA


The piano in the parlor of her parents’ house in coastal Maine was hers as soon as she could reach its keys. On its bench, alongside her church-soprano mother, she learned the magic of harmony. In that same room, her older brothers’ records played, (Stones, Creedence, Beatles), and in the evenings, her school-teacher father’s collection of Glenn Miller and Sarah Vaughn. It was, Jude Johnstone recalls, “…all the education I thought I’d ever need.”

But she’d get more: writing songs by age ten, playing clubs while still in school, she surprised no one when, at nineteen, she headed west to continue her training in the studios and nightclubs of LA, where she soon found herself collaborating with many of that city’s top producers and musicians.
After her marriage (to writer/producer Charles Duncan), Johnstone rededicated herself to songwriting, setting off a string of covers by such artists as Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, Jennifer Warnes, Bette Midler, Trisha Yearwood, and Johnny Cash (including the title cut of the latter’s Grammy-winning album “Unchained”). She wrote, “The Women Before Me,” a #1 song on Radio & Records charts, which was recognized with a BMI Songwriter’s Award.

Johnstone’s critically acclaimed debut CD “Coming Of Age” (released on independent label BoJak Records) was featured on NPR’s “Morning Edition,” reached #6 on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List, and was the # 1 selling CD for the Burnside Distribution Corporation (BDC). Her most recent release “On A Good Day” spotlights eleven potent new songs, along with guest appearances by Jackson Browne, Rodney Crowell, Julie Miller, and Bonnie Raitt.


“This CD tugs at heartstrings through songs like the utterly beautiful When Someone Speaks Your Name and Wounded Heart. Coming of Age is a quiet wonder.”

“I love Jude’s writing. “Wounded Heart” is one of the most exquisite songs I’ve ever heard.”

“Songwriter Jude Johnstone steps up to the microphone on her debut album “Coming of Age.” Hear her interview that aired August 13, 2002 at

“Songs rarely sound so potent as when they are delivered by the songwriter who penned them. After years of having her songs cut by the likes of Trisha Yearwood, Stevie Nicks, Johnny Cash, Jennifer Warnes, and Bette Midler, Jude Johnstone breathes life into her own compositions with her debut disc, Coming of Age. The BoJak Records collection showcases Johnstone’s intimate vocal style and finely crafted compositions.”

“Coming of Age” is a triumphant, emotional effort that melds bluesy, Americana rock with lush, smart production and intense honesty, delivered in Johnstone’s distinct, beautiful voice.”

“Coming of Age, Jude Johnstone’s BoJak Records debut, is a welcome reminder that lyrics and music can still open windows to a songwriter’s soul.”

“Cry Wolf is a haunting majestic piece of Americana/Pop. Coming of Age is soothing and tender. A top flight CD.”

THE SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE: “Unchained finds Johnstone in near-gospel soulfulness, while the touching reclamation-of-love song, The Nightingale showcases both a vocal sincerity and tenderness.”